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Retailer Opportunities

VIG Furniture offers the luxury to retailers with a no minimum purchase order on our furniture to be eligible for discounts. We have a huge inventory in Los Angeles, and soon, in New York. You just place the order and we'll do the processing, shipping, and delivery in mostly 1 week depending on where you want it shipped to. Consider us your set it and forget it furniture wholesaler and become a dealer today.

The benefits of Becoming a retailer of our furniture

1.Very Diverse Inventory

We have thousands of items in stock ranging from nightstands, to sofa sets. Anything and everything you can imagine that makes a bold statement in your room, we have. Almost 90% of the items we advertise as VIG Furniture products we have in stock. Anything from Modern, to contemporary, even traditional and Italian Classic, we got it.

2. You Don't Have to Buy in Bulk

We don't have anywhere in our terms and conditions that says you must buy a certain amount at a time in order to have an account with us. Open an account, order once, order again. No minimum order required.

3. We do the the shipping for you

Yes, we drop ship. Yes, it's standard policy. Curb-side delivery to anyone within the continental United States. We process, arrange, and deliver.

4. Get Listed with us

We'll refer customers who call us or visit our website by putting up your information in a directory of other VIG Dealers who all sell our furniture. Customers who need to see the furniture in person, will use our store locator on our site and choose the store closest to them to go to and check out the furniture you sell.

5. Deep Discounts If you put our items on the floor.

We want to see our relationship grow, which is why when you honor us with having our furniture on your floor, we'll give you a discount. The more you put on our floor, the more discounted rates we give you on our furniture for future purchases.

Sign up today and grow with us.