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VIG Furniture Online Dealer Program

If there is anyone that's keeping up with the trends, it's us. We understand the power of Online Shopping, which is why, instead of shunning it, we embrace it with full force. The old days of furniture dealing are over, this makes more room for healthy controlled competition, and more opportunities for small businesses. In order to keep order in the online furniture selling industry, VIG Furniture does enforce some rules however. If you'd like to know more you can read up on our terms & conditions to find out whether you qualify to sell our furniture online through your website. If you're qualified, you can enjoy such benefits as:

1.  Access to Our Dealer Backend page

We are up-to date with all the latest e-commerce content management systems that offer fast batch importing modules to get products up on your site fast by use of spreadsheets. We have spreadsheets that have almost all the information your customer must know, and it is all laid out for easy fast importing procedures to get our products on your site with the least amount of effort possible. Images are included as well. You'll have all of these tools available for download once you open an account.

2.  Place Orders Online

You will be able to check up-to-the minute stock on most of our products and instantly reserve your furniture for your customer through our online simple order form. You're customer will be able to achieve the same thing you will be able to. This way your order is well documented and ensures you get exactly what your customer bought.

3.  Standard Drop Ship Policy

We have very good working relations with freight companies that deliver our furniture. You won't have to worry about a thing when it comes to shipping. Just specify the customers address and we'll ship it right to their door wherever they are in the continental United States. E-mail us for a quote

4.  We'll Link To Your Site

For all you SEO hungry online retail furniture stores, we'll help you get up in the ranking by including a link to your site on our
find a store module. This way customers will find you easier when they are interested in buying our furniture from one of our online dealers.

5.  Not Everyone Has Special Treatment

We offer big incentives to those who sell more of our products, whether it be online or on the floor, but we don't just give an account to anyone who has a website. We have strict standards to ensure quality and image is not sacrificed when dealing with online websites. This will motivate you, the dealer, to create a more attractive and informative website that will eventually help you out in the long run. Your website will be considered one of the elites and will most surely prosper. Become a Dealer today!